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Attack on Titan Final Season Panel Coming to Anime NYC 2021

Funimation confirms it will attend the Anime NYC 2021 convention, where it will host events for Attack on Titan and Josee, The Tiger and The Fish.

Funimation is bringing an Attack on Titan panel and a screening of Josee, The Tiger and the Fish to the upcoming Anime NYC 2021 convention.

Funimation announced on its¬†official blog¬†that the company will take part in Anime NYC’s return to in-person festivities this year. The anime streamer and distribution company will host two events at the convention: the first, scheduled to take place on the expo’s first day on Nov. 19 at 4:30 P.M. EST, will be an¬†Attack on Titan¬†panel that will discuss the show’s final season with its English voice cast. The cast will discuss their characters relationships in the first half of the season, and will also talk about the changes coming in the last part of the show’s run. Funimation will follow that up with a screening of the critically acclaimed¬†Josee, The Tiger and The Fish¬†on Nov. 20 at 11:30 A.M. EST. The film will be screened with its original Japanese audio track with English subtitles.

Anticipation for the second half of¬†Attack on Titan‘s final season is at all time high, following the release of a¬†new season trailer¬†last week and a short preview video for the¬†next episode¬†several days ago. The last run of episodes for the series will adapt the final few chapters of Hajime Isayama’s globally popular manga series, including its controversial ending. Part 2 of the¬†Final Season¬†will premiere in¬†Japan on Jan. 9. A series of recap specials, which will go over the events of the show’s first 75 episodes, will air on Japanese TV shortly before Part 2’s premiere. The recap specials will also feature scenes from the series’ OVA (original video animation) releases, which retold certain key scenes¬†from the series through the perspectives of Annie, Mikasa and Levi. The recaps will also feature newly animated scenes from studio¬†MAPPA, who took over production of the series from¬†Studio Wit, who animated the first three seasons of the series.

Josee, The Tiger and The Fish¬†was directed by¬†Noragami‘s Kotaro Tamura and is based on a 1985 short story written by Akutagawa Prize-winning author Seiko Tanabe. The movie was nominated for Best Animation in the 75th Mainichi Film Awards and Animation of the Year for the 44th Japan Academy Film Prize.¬†The BONES animated film is the third adaptation of Seiko Tanabe’s short story to be made.¬†Josee, The Tiger and The Fish¬†was made into a live-action film in Japan in 2003 and was adapted for film again in South Korea in 2020. Funimation gave the animated movie a limited theatrical run in the United States and Canada in July.

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