Top 5 Most intelligent Villains in Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is a well-known manga series all over the world, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The story takes place on a planet where mankind lives in cities encircled by three massive walls that protect them from the Titans, massive man-eating humanoids. The narrative follows Eren Yeager, who resolves to wipe out the Titans when a Titan destroys his community and kills his mother.

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Attack on Titan has become one of the most popular anime series in the world because of its compelling plot and memorable characters. This series has piqued the interest of readers of all ages due to its interesting and wonderful substance as well as excellent characters. Along with the storyline, besides the outstanding heroes that appear in the manga, many villains impress people by the smart and clever. So let’s find out the Top 5 Most intelligent Villains in Attack On Titan now!

#5 Zeke Yeager

Zeke Yeager, otherwise known as the Beast Titan, is the main antagonist in the first half of the Clash of the Titans arc and the Return to Shiganshina arc, a supporting character in the Marley arc, and the central antagonist of the War for Paradis arc. 

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Top 5 Most Intelligent Villains in Attack On Titan

While he is a deadly Titan, his biggest threat is his intelligence: he is a strategist capable of planning and orchestrating long-term events, and he is prepared to brutally cut down everything that stands in the way of his goals. In his nihilism, Zeke intends to end his “cursed race” by using the Progenitor’s power to manipulate the Eldian’s physiology – planning to render every member of the race sterile so that they will slowly die out. In his nihilism, Zeke plans to use the Progenitor’s abilities to alter the Eldian’s physiology, rendering every member of the species infertile and causing the race to die out gradually.

#4 Floch Forster

Floch Forster is a supporting character in the “Return to Shiganshina” storyline and a secondary antagonist in the “War for Paradis” arc of Attack on Titan.

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Top 5 Most Intelligent Villains in Attack On Titan

Originally a member of the Garrison who later transferred to the Survey Corps and one of the nine survivors of the Battle of Shiganshina, Floch joins Eren in his plan of killing every living being outside of Paradis Island so that the inhabitants of Paradis can finally know peace, and because of his intelligence and expedience, Floch soon becomes the leader of the villainous Yeagerist faction.

#3 Yelena

Yelena is a villain in the manga Attack on Titan’s final narrative arcs, initially entering in the Marley arc and later serving as one of the War for Paradis storyline’s secondary villains.

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Top 5 Most Intelligent Villains in Attack On Titan

After Eren arrested her scouting party, she gladly surrendered herself to Hange in an effort to achieve their trust. This was solely so she could later give wine poisoned with Zeke’s spinal fluid to Paradis’ military generals, making them captives in their plot for Eldian sterilization.

#2 Bertholdt Hoover

Bertholdt Hoover is a major antagonist and mascot of the anime/manga series, Attack on Titan. He is the true identity of the Colossal Titan; an Eldian who infiltrated the military of the Walls as a spy as a part of a plot to eradicate the “remainder of humanity”.

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Top 5 Most Intelligent Villains in Attack On Titan

Bertolt is the strongest and most feared Titan throughout the series and is considered humanity’s greatest threat. His actions are also the catalyst for the main events of the series and his education is also remarkable. Bertholdt during his pieces of training in both Marley and Paradis’ Walls, excelled at everything he did and he was praised for his great shooting abilities, he also got an A- and ranked only under Reiner.

#1 Eren Yeager

Eren became one of the most ruthlessly brilliant villains in the whole series as he developed. He was able to enlist the help of his old allies to repel Marley’s invasion, weakening both of his opponents at the same time and ensuring the Rumbling’s success.

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Top 5 Most Intelligent Villains in Attack On Titan

He also outsmarted Zeke by lying to him about his plans for the Founding Titan. He quickly earned Ymir’s favor and utilized her influence for his own destructive intentions once he arrived.


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